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Idun: Elaina think of it as a hidden marker that shows you as one of the group.

Heimdall: The entire quest is already in grave danger Guy. Do not forget that Misea is with Loki, and her jotun overlords now. As I've said Loki will want the time matrix and if he doesn't already have the magic marker he will shortly posses it thanks to Misea. You can be assured that Loki will begin to hunt for us and the time matrix very soon.

There is very little that we can do about Loki, and until we know more about the missing group members there is little we can do for them. The first step is to find out where they are being held, Guy, your still the best one to lead this investigation and I'm sure all of us will help when and where we can.

I just want to remind everyone that while the dangers are increasing greatly, if we fail this galaxy this universe and pehaps others will fall into eternal darkness. Also while we may now have competition in securing the time matrix we are in the possession of key artifacts that our enemies lack such as the key and the map.

So unless there is anything else...

*Heimdall waits another minute before speaking again*

Svafa will brief everyone on the Resan system.

*Heimdall takes a seat as Svafa stands. The lights in the lounge dim and a holographic image of a verdant world with a number of oceans.*

Svafa: This is our destination Resan prime, or at least this is how it looked thousands of years ago. Why am I showing how this planet looked thousands of years ago? Its rather simple at Midgard you saw our enemies, and now its time for you to see what they can do when there are no restrictions placed upon them. To accomplish this I'm going to tell you how this planet and its inhabitants meet their end.

About hundred thousand years ago Resan Prime was a lush and vibrant world home to the Resa, a species that could be considered close cousins to Wookies. They were a primative species and had yet to discover space flight when they were eradicated. How were they eradicated?

Well this was towards the end of the second Jotun war. I was leading a task force of Valkyries, Einherjar, and Drakes hunting Surt, his battalion. and Nidhogg. We were about two weeks behind Surt and had been eating away at his forces for a couple of months.

Surt came to Resan Prime believing that such a primative species would take him for a God and do his bidding without question. A quick and easy way to bolster his forces. However the Resa resisted and wouldn't bow down to Surt. This infuriated the Jotun so he, Nidhogg, and the other fire jotuns in his battalion set fire to the Atmosphere of the planet.

*The holographic image of Resan Prime shows a bright red spot on the southern hemisphere. The spot grows spreading outward, within moments rolling flames can be seen*

Simply setting the atmosphere ablaze wasn't enough for Surt he then casted a spell over the planets water. This spell seperated water molecules allowing both the hydrogen and oxygen to futher fuel the blaze.

*Lines of Fire crisscross Resan Prime as its bodies of water ignite.*

It took a week for the fire to consume the world and burn everything on the planet. When we arrived at the planet there was no breathable atmosphere left and all we found were ashes.

*Svafa pauses as she waits for the flames to finish consuming the holographic planet. When it was over and the flames vanished Resan prime was a barren grey world with no hint that it was once a healthy vibrant world that supported life*

This is what Resan Prime looks like now, no life, no breathable air. The weather is very unpredictable, the planet is known to experience fierce dust storms that can stip flesh from a body, and lighting storms that can cover the entire world. A good description of the planet is that its a hellish place.

One last thing, when Surt destroyed Resan Prime he needed the help of twenty nine other Jotuns as well as a Drake. His power has grown since then and now we believe he is able to accomplish this on his own. He is also capable of controling the rate that these flames consume a planet. If past evidence tells us anything Surt will make planets burn slowly so he can enjoy watching the people starve, and slowly burn to death.

*The holographic image of Resan Prime Disappears and the lights turn up*

Any Questions?

((Again doing this to push the thread along))
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