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So anyway, I had my audition on Tuesday, it went well. It was a little group thingy. I went in there and I sat down at a table. I saw Kayla, who I sat next to in math class, she was working when I came in. So she wished me luck and then had to leave cause her shift was over. And then this guy comes in, one of these guys that watches Family Guy all the time and stuff...pretty much like some of the people here. He looked like the comic book guy from the Simpsons, and he was one of those people that doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. And then this other girl walks in and she's wearing all pink and carrying her purse and her phone and stuff, just looking like someone that shops at A&F or Hollister a lot.

So the manager comes out and talks to us and crap, and we pretty much sat there. And then they asked why we wanted the job and whatnot. And then at the end, we had to come up w/a little song about Cold Stone and we had to make a little dance to go w/it. So we did our thang and they were like "oh that was cute", so...yeah.

Anyway, they said they'd call w/in 24 hours to let us know if we did or didn't get the job, but...they haven't called yet, lol. My other friend who works there, Shan, said "yeah, don't count on them to call any time soon", so...I dunno. I don't know if I should call and ask or not, b/c on one side of things, they might think I'm being too pushy, but on the other hand...they like outgoing people, and if I call, they might think better of me, so...I dunno. It's all a gamble.
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