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Trent was already way ahead of all of them, and gathering speed as he went.

He soon arrived at the HQ, he got out fast and left the car running. He bolted inside, flashed his badge and ran to outside of the Interrogation room. His cousin was there.
"I thought you died in the attack!"
"Nah man, i got 9 lives."
"I'm so glad...when i got the call, i didn't believe you guys got him."
"No, we didn't the police force did."
"Well, thats a surprise."
"Tell me about it, Tara wants Jack by the way."
"Yeah, he's on his way, whos interrogating him?"
"Less of an interrogation and more of an explaination of what he did, and what hes in for."
"Ah, gotcha."
"And you are talking to him by the way"
"Oh? then i'll get right to it."
"Be my guest" Trent opened the door and walked in.

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