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Name: Darc Meada
Age: 32
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Equipment: Twin Blaster Pistols, Bowcaster

Ship Data:

Name: Bloody Wampa
Type: Cruiser
Forward Weapons: 2 Particle Cannons
Port Weapons: 18 Laser Cannons
Starboard Weapons: 18 Laser Cannons
Aft Weapons: 4 Quad Laser Cannons
Forward Deflectors: 3
Port and Ventral Deflectors: 2
Aft Deflectors: 2
Fighter Squadron Complement: 8
Bomber Squadron Complement: 6
Invasion Ability: 4 Underbody Bombardment Cannons
Notes: Slow with enormous hull, but a powerful warship with several docking bays.

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