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((ugh. Had a post, couldn't get it through last night. Here's an edited version.))

Asgardried Lounge

*Just before the meeting ends*

Guy: Between the Aesir and I, you will likely have equipment to survive almost any situation you could think of.

Raschel: *wryly* Yeah, you'll find it's the situations you can't think of that you should be worrying about...


Asgardried Cargo Hold

*K'Warra's ears prick back and he looks carefully around*

K'Warra: Hm. Don't tell me, let me guess. Either you're the best ventriquolist in the known universe, or the Seer left me here alone because he knew someone would be playing the voyeur through all of this marvelous machinery. Am I warm? Oh, and tell our wannabe Miss Universes that it's not very nice to leave a guest in a little crate for hours on end with nothing to do.


Shadow Base

*Aren sighs* Again, I told you, I didn't kidnap you. My people didn't kidnap you. Independently hired mercernaries kidnapped you, hired by a group of people that include your friend Guy's estranged family.

As for the ritual, it's counting on you having magic inside you that can be transferred. However the magic you've got inside you... well. It doesn't fit into any category we have. We have no record of anything like it. It's not in our systems. This is extraordinarily unusual. If it was solely up to me I wouldn't touch it. Too dangerous. But it's not up to me. My people won't even be peforming the ritual. We've only been hired to provide expensive, hard-to-get materials to perform it with. THEY know what this is all about; THEY are your enemies.

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