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((WJ: Its alright for your characters to ask the various questions. There reactions should be interesting. But I'll PM you anyways))

Asgardried Cargohold

Asgardried: Maybe I'm the best ventriquiolist in the unknown universe but since it unknown whos to say. And no one is secretly watching you.

Asgardried Lounge

Heimdall: Sure, Sir Vin we can talk in my quarters.

*Heimdall leads Sir Vin to his quarters, and waits until the door shuts to talk again*

Heimdall: What do you want to talk about?

Idun: Ok, then we can talk here, but first I'm going to get a cup of tea. I'll be right back.

*Idun walks into the kitchen and after a few minutes comes back shortly with a mug of steaming tea and takes a seat across from Tanara and Elaina*

((Will finish this later))

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