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*Sir-vin nods his head slowly. Then he stands up tall, looking right at Heimdall.*

Sir-Vin "I know that since from the beginning that I havenít been trusted very well, me bring my father's son and all. After all it was my father whom killed yours. It's natural for you to distrust me. But even after a while I've proven myself to not be like my father at all, and be rather foolish with my actions. For that I wish to apologize for. I know that I'm not, and shouldn't be trusted with much responsibility in your eyes just for that very reason."

*Sir-vin turns to briefly look at Heimdalls quarters, know this was his first time even being able to even have any sort of view inside of it. He quickly turns back cutting his slight pause short.*

Sir-Vin "But I think that it would only burden us further down the line if I make attempts to be useful to yourself and the others if I keep making the same foolish actions that I have before."

*Sir-vin was facing Heimdall once again, and then he closes his eyes and gives a half a bow to Heimdall by lowering his head.*

Sir-Vin *opening his eyes while still 'bowed'* "I apologize for my actions that have been taken before, Heimdall. I promise that I'll be more mature from this point further"

*Sir-Vin raises.*

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