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((WJ: In that case we can just go with it. Have your characters ask about things they want to know about. And if that is just something your not to sure on you can always PM me or Red Later))

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Idun: Well I think the first things you need to know is that the galaxy is going to end in about twenty years, this is known by my people as Gotterdammerung, a twisted form of Ragnarok or the final battle between good and evil. This began when our leader Lord Odin was killed. His death signaled the end and that evil creatures like Fenrir were soon going to destroy every inhabitant of this galaxy. In an attempt to spare as many people as possible we launched resonance torpedoes and destoryed 80% of the galaxy's intelligent life. We did this so people wouldn't suffer like the Resa did when Surt destroyed their worl. It will be up to you to decide whether or not what we did was right or wrong. At least try and understand our desire not to see more people die a slow painful death.

Anyways, long before his death Lord Odin wrote a series of prophecies that tell us how Gotterdammerung can be prevented, the galaxy saved and restored to what it was before the holocaust. These prophecies set us on a quest for a powerful device known as the Time Matrix that will allow us to go back in time, prevent Lord Odin's death and in doing so prevent Gotterdammerung. The quest for the time matrix seems to be broken up into stages the are most likely test to see if all of us can be trusted with the time matrix. As we progress the stages have been getting progressively harder.

To put it simply you two have found yourselves in a quest to save the galaxy from certain destruction.


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Heimdall: It is good that you want to improve yourself. Admitting that you have made mistakes is the first step in learning from them. That is one of the things you need to do if you truely want to improve yourself. Examine past mistakes and learn from them. IF you fail to do this then you will be doomed to repeat those mistakes.

If in this endevor you need advice or help you are more then welcome to ask me or any other Aesir for it. We will help you as much as we can. I would suggest that you seek Tanara out. She is a Jedi and can help you I think.

Is there anything else?

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