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Tanara listened with great interest. When Idun's story was finished, she glanced at Elaina and her face paled. The girl was feeling her face as if for the first time. Then, she ran her hands through her hair and shot a puzzled glance at Tanara.

"Who are you?" she asked quietly. Tanara gasped. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed.

"Kira?" she asked. Elaina's brown eyes faded to blue and she stared at Tanara.

"I am Teri Korr," she answered. Tanara drew in a sharp breath and her eyes paled nearly to gray.

"You stayed with the weaker girl," she growled. The younger girl suddenly understood.

"You are Kira," she said.

"And you are Teri," Tanara/Kira muttered. She frowned. "How were we separated?"

"The girl you now hold in your control knew only of you," Elaina/Teri answered. "When she took you back, she ignored me."

"Know this," Kira snapped. "I'm the one that kept us alive."

"But without me, you don't exist," Teri retorted. Kira paused at that and a small smile crept to her face.

"You got me," she said. A hand went to her head. "Ack! She's trying to regain control."

"Let me help," Teri answered savagely. She put a hand to Tanara's forhead and the young woman flew across the room with a cry. When Tanara sat up, her eyes were brown and she had an incredibly confused look on her face.

"What just happened?" she asked hesitantly. Teri stood and went to her.

"Not to worry," she said quietly. "You're safe now."

Tanara eyed her for a moment. "You are not my sister."

"My name is Teri Korr," Teri answered. "I don't know who you are or where we are... for that matter, I really don't know much of anything."

"Are you a friend of Kira's?" Tanara snapped. Teri winced.

"I am a Jedi... or I was," she answered. "I don't know about now... I am Kira... almost. I suppose I should say that she is me. Physically, she is four years older than I am. She crashed on a planet that I was on... four years in her past. So you see, we are the same person... in two separate bodies."

"I didn't understand that," Tanara sighed. Teri laughed.

"I confuse even myself sometimes," she said, looking around. "But I can see I'm not in the time frame I last remember... can you tell me what year it is?"

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