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Unhappy More problems...

I am frequently encountering a rather annoying problem:
At certain points in dialogue the converstaion simply ends and I get the following message:
"CONVERSATION ERROR: Last Conversation Node Contains Either an END NODE or CONTINUE NODE. Please contact a Designer!"
Due to this I e.g. have not been able to build my own lightsaber or talk to Visas, Bao-Dur,Handmaiden, Mira etc. after trying to do so (Conversation ends after the initial greeting (e.g. "Yes, genaral?") or at the point where you select which lighsaber you want to build)
This problem is propably related to me using the German version of the game (I have both updates and no other mods installed).
Still, it would be nice to be able to both use the USM and talk to party members Is there any way to fix this ??
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