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Tathar Calmcacil, a wisest of the wise, sat on a large stone, meditating quietly as his young druid apprentice, Ilenal Lissësúl, was drawing symbols onto the sand and mumbling a quiet spell. This sight was nothing unusual in the Aire Firimar's territory. Ilenal stopped his spell suddenly and stood infront of his druidic teacher face-to-face, their eyes staring into each others'...
A bright flas lit the circle of symbols around them. The stone became purely white and turned into something else... A stone or a lump of metal, made in the darkness of the core of the world. Nobody knew for certain.
Tathar stood up and looked at the white object on the ground. "Thank you, Ilenal. Now, take your part of it, and become a real druid" he said and handed a small pickaxe.
As Ilenal took a piece of the object, the druidic cross on his neck lit up as yellow, cutting the piece of ex-rock into a small halo with spikes or a crow, depending on what did you want to see in it. As the cross went back to it's ordinarily yellow colour, Ilenal placed the new symbol into the hole in the cross. "Thank you, teacher" he said and turned to Tathar. "Go... get more knowledge and later you will take my place" Tathar said and turned into an owl with a bright flash and flew away, leaving Ilenal standing there. The rock turned back into the grey stone it had been, but dropped a small ball out of itself that Ilenal placed on the top of his staff
He got to his backpack and dressed into his grey, green, golden and brown leather armor and normal clothing, stuffing his robes into his backpack. He strapped a longsword onto his belt in it's sheath and quickly made his way back towards the largest town the Aire Firimar had. Oh, how many times had he done this and how many times he had wished to get out into the world. But firstly, he needed a group to travel in. He heard some ruckus down the road... bandits attacking on someone, most likely

((There we go... join in!))

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