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((Scar: Not the magic tracker and Sir Vin does that that one. It was a device the Aesir carried with them into the Battle. When it was over it hovered over their bodies indicating if they were alive, wounded, dead and obviously their location. Afterwards the device went into the ground creating a mine field))

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Idun: You may not have a problem with that Elaina, but we do. Teri and Kari represant major security risks, do not let them regain control of your bodies especially Kari.

To answer your question Tanara, this quest has been going on for two years.

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Heimdall: Perhaps but in the scheme of things it doesn't really matter. Loki has everything he needs from Misea, from information to the magic marker. If Irvine lived, he has been captured. Either he is going to be turned to the dark side or killed.

As I said the likely hood that has happened is small, and in the end it doesn't affect the quest.

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