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Kale laughed softly as he fought. The bandits had no idea what they were getting into when they tried to take his money. He glanced behind his back for a moment and grinned. Katarina was doing just fine on her own. She glanced at him for a moment and grinned.

"How are you, Kale?" she asked, thrusting her short sword into another of the bandits. He laughed.

"Not better than you," he answered. "Tell me, how do you like fighting in a dress?"

"Hate it," she answered. She ripped the dress, revealing a much more functional outfit. With a sigh of relief, she pulled her hair down. "Much better."

The bandits began to retreat and the two fighters drew closer and closer together. Finally, the bandits gave up entirely and ran off. Kale and Katarina dropped their swords and kissed.

"You're beautiful, no matter what you wear," he said. She laughed and he pushed her away. "Now get back into that dress before somebody comes along."

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