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Yep I still play, and nothings really changed since the start. There are generally 18 servers active. Two of them usually full or almost full all the time. (JASA and MOTR servers) A few people have been able to create custom maps for the game. Ranging from pretty good to un interesting. All of them playable on a server during "Bactaweek" (not really a tournament but there is this map coming out that will be a "party map" basically a sort of lounge with pillars with the names of the best Bactaweek players on it.)

All in all, its still the same as you left it Kurgan. Aside from the inflation in clans, Clan wars, and clan turncoats, its all the same. Right down to those who complain if they get killed quote "un fairly". I still have fun with my online friends though.

And I'm alot better of course lol.

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