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Idun: She is a 4000 year old padawan that eventually becomes a Sith inhabiting your body. Futhermore, there is no evidence that she didn't put Kira down just to gain your confidence.

I'm sorry Elaina, it is already a great risk having these two inhabit your bodies. Allowing Teri to take control of you whenever she wants to is an unacceptable risk. Imgaine, that next time Teri doesn't give control back to you. What do we do then?

I do not want to see either of them in control of your bodies again.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Heimdall: Remember what I said about Tanara possibly helping you. Have a good night.

*When Sir Vin left his quarters Heimdall moved over to the chair and began to take off his armor. He set each piece down on the table, starting with his guantlets and moving up each arm. When Heimdall was just about to take off the curiasse the door chimed.*

Heimdall: Come in.

*The door open with barely a whisper and Idona stepped into the room. The door closed right behind her.*

Heimdall *with a smile*: What can I do for you?

Idona: We need to talk.

*Heimdall stopped smiling and concern showed on his face*

Heimdall: Ok, please have a seat.

*Idona walked and sat down in one of the two chairs in the quarters, Heimdall took that other one.*

Heimdall: What do we need to talk about?

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