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Idun: The first step to controlling Kira and Teri is not to despair, that is the fastest way to give them complete control. *Idun lets that sink in for a moment before continueing*

Good, now how do you prevent them from gaining control? There are a number of barriers you can construct in your mind that can prevent an outsider from gaining control of you. You can use these to stop Kira and Teri from taking control of you. Before you ask how you can learn these barriers, I can teach you them. This is normally kept secret, but given the circumstance...anyways the other Aesir and I force sensitive. We mask our prescence so Jedi and Sith can't detect us.

I warn you now that if you accept my training it will be hard and draining both physically and mentally. However, with time you will be able to create mental prisons for Kira and Teri.

*Idun pauses and sips at her tea, and then comes to a decision*

When you accomplish this then I may be able to permanetly remove them with a spell. Again before you ask, to cast the spell now while they are free is to risk mental damage, and I'm unwilling to take that risk before we have tried the barriers and prison. Also I'm still recovering from the battle at Midgard.

So do you accept my offer of training?

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