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Asgardried Cargo Bay

K'Warra: When did I say I thought it was a secret? Obviously if it was, you wouldn't be talking to me. So, who or what are you, anyway?


Asgardried, Marin's Quarters

*Marin enters her room. Cody and Chere are sitting on the bed. Cody is staring off into space, eyes glazed over. Chere is fidgeting and looking impatient. She leaps to her feet when Marin comes in*

Chere: Marin! Hey! What took so long? Where've you been?

Marin: We had a meeting.

Chere: Oh great. How exciting. *She takes a second to glare at Cody* He's been doing the no-talky thing again. Hasn't said a word since this morning.

*Marin walks over to Cody and touches his face*

Marin: Are you feeling all right, Cody? *No answer* Can you hear me?

*Cody blinks and looks at her*

Cody: I can hear you.

Marin: How are you feeling?

Cody: I see strange color. Where are we?

Marin: We're in space. We're traveling to another planet.

Cody: *frowning* Space is an empty color.

Marin: Oh, we're just in a different kind of space then you've been in before.

Chere: Don't we get anything else to do here but sit around? I've been in and out of cages for months.

Marin: Yes. Sorry about that. You can come to the lounge and meet everyone properly. But first, you need to remember to follow certain rules: you have to be civil and polite to everyone, no fighting, no breaking things, and... no wandering without one of the Aesir with you.

((OOS: Can't remember if there were any other specific rules the Asgardried has, but assume Marin informs them of the rules here too, since she *would* remember them ))

Chere: Fine, fine, okay. Can I come out now?

*Marin opens the door*

Marin: Follow me.


Asgardried Lounge

*Marin enters the lounge, followed by Cody and Chere - a pale boy with nearly platinum-blonde hair and unnaturally bright green eyes, and a very short, olive-skinned girl with spiky black hair. Chere is short enough that Marin looks tall next to her, under five feet.

They are both younger than Marin, not yet adults*

((OOS: So who all is in the lounge again?))

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