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((Possilble characters in the lounge are Guy, and Orthos. Definetly in the Lounge are Tanara, Eliana and Idun.

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Asgardried Lounge

Idun: Good, get something to eat and meet me in the cargo hold in an hour, with your lightsabers. If you think of any more questions I'll answer them then.

*Idun takes another sip of her tea as she stands. She begins to walk out when she stops at Marin*

Idun: Show your friends around quickly, then get up to the armory. Svafa should be waiting for you. You'll have plenty of time to talk to them after you've finished with Svafa.

Agardried: Guy, the rather amusing Gargoyle broke free from your ship you may want to go to the cargo hold...

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Asgardried: Maybe if you ask more politely I'll tell you.

Asgardried Heimdall's Quarters

Idona: About us.

Heimdall: Uh...ok

Idona: How long have you been in love with me? Fifty years, Fifty thousand, longer?

Heimdall: Why...why do you ask me that?

Idona: My dear Heimdall, I've known you since we were both children. By this time I can read you fairly easily. Besides even if I couldn't your sisters can and they told me a long time ago.

Heimdall: I see... *under his breath* I'm going to hurt Svafa.

Idona: Do you? I think for all your sight, your blind to this. Otherwise you would have seen that I've been waiting for you all these years. I'm tired of waiting...

Heimdall *smiling*: In my defense we both have lives that are very demanding and keep us away from each other.

Idona: You still could have done something.

Heimdall: Your right, I should have, but I guess I was afraid you didn't share my feelings.

Idona: Better to always wonder then maybe to find out that I didn't? *Idona stood and walked over to and kissed him tenderly on the lips before whispering in his ear* I love you, and your a fool that you never saw that.

*Heimdall paused dumbfounded*

Asgardried: Uh-oh, that was an insult. I'm sorry Idona but your no longer welcome aboard this me...

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