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*Asgardried: Sir-vin's Quarters*

*Sir-Vin re-enters his room. He takes off his worn overrobe and throws it into the garbage, he takes off most of his upper garments leaving but an undershirt.

He goes to the restroom in his quarters, and stands at the sink. He looks at his rugged face in the mirror, hardly clean from the battle at Midgard. He turns on the water, and rinses off his face. He opens a drawer under the sink and pulls out a simple pair of sissors. He begins to trim his shaggy beard stright and clean, little by little, til it was even and short.

Cleaning off the sink, he turned to clean up his split ends in his hair.

He turns on the shower, then cleans up his mess in the sink. He prepares a clean set of clothes and cleans him self up.*

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