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I tweaked that ending to the last bit somewhat. I didn't reveal what the markings on the sword are leaving the viewer/ reader with even more stuff unanswered. It'll be the key to Elymir and Ariana unlocking the truth about Valunen and who he really was. There'll be some insight to who Aura is and what she has to do with Valunen. But that's not for a few more scenes yet. You'll just have to wait



The streets of the village are in complete disarray. People flee and cry as the buildings behind them burn. A pair of villagers take on one of Canderous’s cronies but are cut down. A woman flees, but another cronie comes from behind and slices her back with his sword and she falls. A woman holds her son in her arms and cries as flames engulf their surroundings. Canderous goes down the main street killing everything that comes in his path. There is no struggle between he and his victims as there is for his cronies and their’s.

A pair of children, a boy and a girl, run from a building just before it is torched. The girl, around 10 years old, guides her brother, about 5 years old, through the streets and into an alley. They run through a maze of alleys, evading the occasional thug here and there who ends up slaying a different villager before their eyes. The kids are crying out for their mommy when they reach a dead end to the alley. They turn to leave a different way, but Canderous stands in their way. He narrows his eyes, draws steel, and smiles as he approaches.



Elymir and Ariana arrive at the edge of town. They can hear minimal resistance and cries of agony as they helplessly watch their village burn down.

(frantically crying)
What do we do?!

I don’t know.

What the hell do we do?! We can’t just stand here and watch…. We have to do something! We have to….

(shouting over Ariana’s panic)
I don’t know!

Ariana runs into the village with the sword drawn. Elymir tries to grab her hand but she gets away. He chases her deeper into the village

(running right behind her)
What the hell are you doing?

I’m gonna to do anything I can to stop this ****! We weren’t able to save Valunen. We can save the village though.

Elymir grabs a hold of her and forces her to the ground.

(pinning her to the ground)
Have you lost your mind? The village is lost! We can’t do anything to save it now!

(struggling to push him off)
We have to at least try! You’re willing to sit back and do nothing as everyone we know is killed?

No, Ariana! I’m not willing to do that! But we have no choice. We’re gonna get killed if we rush into things without thinking them through first.

Ariana gives up struggling and falls back onto the ground panting. She covers her face with her hands and cries.

You’re right….

Elymir falls onto his back next to her and grabs her hand.

(forcing a smile)
Of course I’m right.

They get up and look on at the massacre around them. Elymir picks up the sword.

(still frantically)
What do we do then?

Before Elymir responds, a cloaked man runs up and forces them into an alley. Elymir holds the sword to the supposed assailant, ready to defend himself and Ariana. The man draws back his hood to reveal himself. It is Ian.

(in unison)
Oh, Ian!

They hug the man as they cry. He holds them in their arms and sets them onto the ground. He has a blank stare on his face, even more so than earlier at dawn when he talked to Elymir.

You two are all right? You’re safe? You have to get out of here. You have to leave this place and save yourselves!

What about everyone else?! We have to do something to save them—

It’s too late for them! Everyone on the West side of town is already fleeing into the woods. There are a multitude of cities outside of farm country to hide. I advise you to do the same!

Why are they doing this? What were their demands that were not met to make them do this?

Demands? There were no demands given, my boy. These fiends are ruthless killers after one thing. They don’t care what gets in their way of obtaining it. I have already expressed my opinion as to what it is they’re after. This is all the more reason for you to leave!

Ian pulls out a small purse of gold and offers it to Elymir.

Here. Take this. It’s not much, but it should grant you any basic essentials you’ll need in your journeys. I see you’ve already found a weapon for yourself. That’s good. You’ll need it.

I can’t accept this, Ian. You keep it. We’ll get by.

I won’t take no for an answer. You two need this. Money is no good to a dead man.

Dead man? What the hell are you talking about?! We’re not dead yet.

No. I fear you two don’t understand. There’s nothing for me anymore. Leave. Now!

Ian heads further into the alley. He disappears around a corner. Elymir and Ariana pursue him.

Ian, wait! What do you mean?

Before Ian lie the corpses of the little girl and boy who fled from the square earlier. Ian lies down at their side and holds them in their arms as he cries.

(whispering to Ariana)
His wife and children are dead….

They crouch beside Ian.

I understand your will to go on has faltered. I fully understand your desire to remain. But I ask you to at least accompany us to the nearest town. You can do what you will from there. Please, Ian!

I cannot do that, Elymir. There’s nothing for me outside of this village. All I have left is here before me. Go, leave now. Head through the forest going West. Stay off the road and stick to the brush. The riders cannot pursue you on horseback that way. You’ll have a better chance of reaching town without incident. Good luck, you two.

Ian draws his dead children closer to him as he cries uncontrollably. Elymir looks on helplessly as he pockets the purse of gold. Ariana begins to cry even more. Elymir takes her in her arms.

(whispering in her ear)
C’mon. We shouldn’t have to bear the pain of this any longer. We have to get moving.

They run off together, letting Ian be alone to mourn.

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