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I thought Yavin looked a bit better then the original, a bit brighter maybe, but in terms of map layout it looked completely similar. With Jabbas palace I noticed no diffrences at all.

But then again Jabbas palace was a pretty good map, small but fun and intense, I think it is one of the few maps that didn't need changing, or at least nothing drastic. As for Yavin well i'm just surprised there including it at all givin how unpopular it seems to be. There probably focusing more on redesigning the popular maps like Geonosis and Hoth and the Episode 3 maps like Mustafar, Utapau and Kshyyyk.

Speaking of Kshyyyk, it looked great, some cool new vehicles like the Tank Droid, the BARC speeder and I thought I saw somthing flying through the trees towards the beginning of the video. A wookiee vehicle? or a trick of the light?

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