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I had read a lot of player reviews (many of which caused me to imagine enraged geeks frothing at the mouth as they fiercely banged out their frustrations over a rushed game) so I was well aware that TSL might not be as good as the original. I knew that there would be quests that ended abruptly or couldn't begin at all, and I was prepaired for an ending that would be as satisfying as turning off my monitor seconds after beating Malak in K1.

I was told rathing convicingly that this game would be a pale shadow of what had come before.

But seeing as to how I had just beaten K1 a couple of days prior and needed a SW "fix", I went ahead and got TSL anyway. The way I saw it, everyone could complain all they wanted but the game wont be getting any better, so I might as well play it.

The opening tutorial was GREAT, I loved seeing T3 again and was glad to have him back. After all the little guy was a hero, having rescued everyone from the Leviathan single handedly (sorta). So it was cool repair the ship and even getting to travel on the outside of the Ebon Hawk, no matter how many times I see it. . . SPACE looks really neat!

Being the wise person than I am and having been playing the game for a full, what. . . 20 mins? I couldn't see what everyone was complaining about, this game rocked! That was of course before I got to the mining station, playing female I was curiously self concious about the fact that the game took my clothes! But thats a minor thing really. . . to be perfectly honest, I really did have to force myself to keep playing because that place was soooo boring and then after I had done everything that I was supposed to do, it turned out that there wasn't much point to me having done anything at all. I could have just sat there for the 5 hours it seemed to acomplish all the tasks. Really, I would much rather have spent that time talking to Kriea or Atton and finding out what had happened between K1 and K2.

But it got better and there was fighting and I got to walk through a Republic ship and see nifty things. Still though, I had a bit of a gripe. Where the hell were my clothes!?! Thankyfully, I think there is a mod to fix that now. . .


Telos was similar to the mining station for the first. . . hour? Though when I was allowed to leave my room, things a lot better and it was kinda fun to see the place Carth mentioned so many times before.

However once I had free riegn to travel the outer rim, I was pleased to find that most of those angry geeks were mostly wrong. Sure the game was obviously rushed, but it all came down to something really simple: if you liked the last game, this was an enjoyable follow up worth the price and time to play it through.

The only things that bothered me was being constantly berated by Kriea for trying to help people, the minor glitches when Revan would be reffered to as "He" or "Him", Diciple's lack of engaing charicterization (he's the human equevilant of a puppy), Go - To (stupid evil robot!), and the obvious missing content. Also the fact that Atris wouldn't give me my lightsabre back!

The influence system was a great idea, but I hated getting darkside points after some conversation choices I needed to make in order to gain influence. Really, for some characters I couldn't get managable influence if someone hand put a gun to my head and demanded it! Though, for those with whom I had nice influence it was cool to see them follow me and become beacons of light.

As for the ending. . . you know, it really wasn't as bad as everyone had made it out to be. In its own way, it was fitting to the over all feel of darkness that permeated the game.

Of course it was only AFTER I had spent a week of day in and day out play, that I found out about Team Gizka and what they were doing. I nearly kicked myself for not looking up before begining the game. Had I know about the restoration project, I would have waited however long it will take for that to get finished before playing. But oh well, I enjoyed the game TONS inspite of the missing content. How could I not? I mean, what could have been a more perfect quest than to seek out and unite the Jedi? Come on, that's a heroes quest if there ever was one!

If there was any missing option that I wished I had during my first play through, it would have been the option to kick Master Vrook in the nuts after our first dialogue exchange. Is it possible for any light side Jedi to be more of an unlikable jerk?
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