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Asgardried Cargo Hold

K'Warra: Of course not. By the way, Jonathan, your security system was pretty entertaining.

Guy: I didn't program it to keep you in.

K'Warra: Really? Darn. All those... two minutes of wasted effort. So what have you decided?

Guy: What are you talking about?

K'Warra: You're either planning to throw me off this ship, or you're planning to accept my offer to help you find your friends.

Guy: That was an offer?

K'Warra: Don't be tiresome.

Guy: Yes, K'Warra, I am accepting your offer. However I can't agree to any terms or conditions you might require before hearing about them in advance.

K'Warra: Who said anything about terms or conditions? I mean, I suppose I could think of some, but as I recall I only asked you if you wanted help finding your friends. I didn't say I wanted anything in return.

Guy: Why would you want to help me find my friends?

K'Warra: Think about it, Seer. Have I got anything more interesting to do?


Asgardried Corridors

*Marin heads, alone, towards the armory*

((OOS: Deac, where is Orthos? Also, IS anyone else in the lounge? Besides Chere and Cody that is ))

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