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What you'd like in KOTOR III..

I think it'll be good to have a thread in this new section to discuss what people would like to see in KOTOR III. I'll start off.

1. As I mentioned in another section of this forum, I'd like to be able to ineract with the Sith more. Like in the the first KOTOR I, you could just go and hang out with some Sith, and the way the masters in the academy described the Dark Side was very enticing. In KOTOR II, I wasn't really lured to the Dark Side, I just though "yeah I'll be evil for the hell of it".

2. I'd like to see more concrete romance storylines, instead of ones which vaguely hint toward something, like in TSL.

3. I'd like there to be a character similar to Jolee Bindo!

4. I quite like the idea of having two mentor characters, perhaps something like one light/one dark, and a whole lot of tension between the two characters, leading to a fight perhaps, and your alignment deciding the winner. (What do you guys think of this idea?)

5. Enough with the wookies! I'd love to see a different alien species in your party. Personally, I'd make it a Trandoshan!
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