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Originally Posted by witchfinder
2. I'd like to see more concrete romance storylines, instead of ones which vaguely hint toward something, like in TSL.

4. I quite like the idea of having two mentor characters, perhaps something like one light/one dark, and a whole lot of tension between the two characters, leading to a fight perhaps, and your alignment deciding the winner. (What do you guys think of this idea?)

5. Enough with the wookies! I'd love to see a different alien species in your party. Personally, I'd make it a Trandoshan!
I'd love all those but most of all to have Revan's robes and mask! I thought they looked so awsome! But all those ideas I really like. It would be aswome to be able to go to the "unknown" regions and see Revan and every one out there. I think that it would rock if you could have more party members out at once, about 4 or 5, and then have a bunch still left on your party screen to chose from. But the top of them all, GET A DIFFERENT SHIP ALREADY!!! STOP IT WITH THE EBON HAWK! Because if you go LS on TSL it flies off into the unknown regions. I think it would rock it you could get a Sith ship and when you go to hyperspace actuly take a while so you could talk to you party members while going. What you guys think of those pointers? Get More SITH in it!!!! : (sorry it was so long I had a lot on my mind) BUMP up the character qualaties!! Make it so you "create!" Your own character!

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