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Originally Posted by Vatter
As for the story:
5. Cutscenes that don't use the game engine. We need some amazingly realistic looking stuff.

6. Continue after the end. Little quests and assignments (such as escort, delivery, defence, and stuff like that.) to let you keep playing. Just like Fable did.
There are cutscenes which don't use the game engine throughout KOTOR I/II. What exactly do you mean?

I wouldn't like to continue after the end. I mean, at the end you either become supreme ruler of the galaxy or someone who's just saved it. And I don't think either of those would go about on simple escort missions afterwards.
What I'd really like to know is how they'll depict Revan. The ending of TSL implied that the exile was going to have to follow Revan, but then how are they going to succesfully create two characters which are completely unique to everyone that has played KOTOR I/II!?

Oh and the point about a better character creation system is a good one. They should have a lot more options. However, this isn't really of primary concern to me.
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