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Hey! Im ashame of you!
How are you going to say that you want a new character? Manny rulz, heīs the best, without manny itīs not Grim Fandango, I think it would suck.

After the train stops, you have to first solve how the hell to get off that train full of workers.
Into de passage you can see a light, once you get out everything in the train station is busted. When you get out you find glottis cryin (like always) and he estarts telling you what happened.
Once you her the story you ask glottis to fix up a funeral car (you can find it downstairs) and once he does it you scape to a new city....for example...hem...Villa Muertos. (deadīs village)...and so on....

Please, donīt ruin my dreams Manny is still in my heart!!!!!
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