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Ok here is my list of ideas:

1.These games should have more choice, like choosing your species, which would change options in the game.

2. jolee should die and pass into the force much like obi wan and yoda did.

3 a new ship would be nice, pehaps a bigger one with more space or even one big enough to hold the ebon hawk, but the ebon hawk should be in there somewhere.

4. now what about buying property i dunno i am just suggesting.

5. becoming a fully fledged sith is an option, mabye even work for for the ultimate sith lord at the time and try to destroy the jedi for a change, this could mean betrying your master (LS) or doing as he commands (DS).

6.keep the droids

7.finally i want a famous planet such as alderaan or coruscant to be available. and mabye even some spacestations which could blow up or something.

Ok if you bothered reading that then you will be pleased to know i have finished, i dont want to design there game for them,lol.but what do you think about me ideas.

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