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The number one thing i'd like to see is to make your character a different species. In addition to that, I'd like more customozation of your character other than a set of pre-designed faces. Also, I'd like to see no glitches! Also, I'd like to see more interaction with other party members. Another thing, I'd like the item rondomazation fixed. I got 3 Freedon Nadd blasters. Also, i'd like different lightsaber hilts than just the stupid standard design. Bao-Dur's line in Kotor 2 about how you'r lightsaber design is supposed to reflect you is bs if all you get is one stupid hilt design. Even though Kotor 2 had a lot of color crystals, i'd like to see a lot more variety. Oh yeah, one major thing. As you influence your companions to the light or dark side, have their responses to your actions change. I had Handmaiden at dark mastery and she still responded negatively to dark side actions.

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