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Originally Posted by JediConsularAD
7.finally i want a famous planet such as alderaan or coruscant to be available. and mabye even some spacestations which could blow up or something.
Heh, Tatooine wasn't 'famous' enough for you? I mean it only appeared in what, 5 of the 6 Star Wars Films? (And played a part in the other one.) Only joking.

What would I like to see.... Definitely some work on the INF options, so it actually seems like I'm, you know, influencing them. Like D333 the Admin said, it's all just cosmetic changes. I'd also like to see a mix of party NPCs, some being critical to the story like K2's, while some could be as insignificant as a hired thug. With insignificant party members comes the possibility to have party members ditch you if they don't agree with your motives. And of course, have a DS mastery Handmaiden who still prefers LS is annoying. I hope we don't have a similar recruit in K3.

And, I hope these rumors about it taking place 14 years after K2 aren't true either. It's obvious to me that OE tries to make Revan out to be some sort of god in K2, and that they have plans for Revan in K3. They always mention how powerful Revan is and how even the great Revan needs help against the True Sith. If it takes place that much later, there won't be much left for Revan. Personally, I think it should take place right from the takeoff at Malachor. They could have a conversation with T3 on the Ebon Hawk, as the Exile leaves Malachor. Exile talks a bit, during the conversation, tells T3 the Revan gender and alignment, and the Exile's alignment. Game picks up from there.

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