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well, theres probably not much to say that wouldn't mimic what everyone else has said so far - but i think i might be the only one that wants the story to keep following the exile.

Reven's story was wrapped up really nicely at the end of K1, probably for the same reason epIV is wrapped up really nicely, there might not have a been a sequel. but the exile's story doesn't wrap up nicely with a nice little bow, i'd like to continue on as him, as he tries to pick up revan's trail. i dont really want to play as revan again, he's already off fighting the sith, theres no mystery, hes already there, and then maybe 3/4s in the exile shows up as a npc. the exiles journey to find revan to me would be much more interesting, it would be fun to go planet to planet looking for clues, having to follow vague rumors, having some of them be complete dead ends and having to go back to square one. following rumors could make the game a lot less linear, maybe you would actually have to figure out what the clues meant and where to go next on your own, and you could end up being wrong instead of the answer just being spoon fed to you, it would involve real thinking about what you should do next! and it make the reintroduction of revan much more meaningful.

i also would not like to play as an all new character. the two characters we have feel like plenty. besides, we need to see these "true sith" thats way to much of a cliffhanger, how would this new guy get tied into that? besides the exile's special condition could explain why we have to start over at level 1, the exile got his force from his partymembers, but they all had to stay behind while he went alone (but probably with the driods, since those aren't actually people). to me the exile seems like the logical choice. also yes, i also agree that the droids must stay, i got a lot more attached to T3 this time around, and i'd like to keep the ebon hawk, its like my millenium falcon! and yes, you gotta have a wookiee i love wookiees.

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