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Ok, I've been wanting to say this FOREVER!!!

Gimme VOICOVERS!!!!!!!! I would sacrifice almost anything in the game to see voiceovers for the main character in the game! I don't know why they didn't put them in the first two games and I doubt we'll see them in K-3 but that's what I would like to see most. To me, that would just make a good experience WAY better!

Also, I HATE Wookies!!! I would loooooooove to destroy Kashyykk and never have to see them again lol!(believe it or not, I'm always on the light side of the force lol) Anyway, get rid of the wookies.

Furthermore, I would like to see a party member sacrifice him/herself in the line of duty; it really makes the story more deep and interesting.

And the romantic thread should be more deep it was really lame in K-2.

What do y'all think??? Esp. on the voiceovers?
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