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Version 1.0.1 is ready to download.
Here's the Pure Pazaak page URL again:

Originally Posted by Changelog.txt
- AI now knows how to use the Special K2 cards
- Re-added deck card dragging (doesn't work if you drag by the # label)
- Slightly increased the game speed
- Fixed incorrect cards with Sol'aa
- Removed a VB Control dependency (NOT the comctl32.ocx one)
- Remade the Campaign screen, added new opponent(s), existing ones unchanged.
- Dimmed cards are now manually dimmed rather than dimmed pictures
- Portraits now loaded only when needed (loading delay has been "moved")
- You now start with 1/4 of your highscore in Arcade (or 100 credits)
- Main menu now also reports your highscore
- Made sure the program wouldn't crash with too many credits (max is 2,000,000,000)
- AI is more compromising but may cause some unexpected "stupid" behaviour loop-hole.
Just as a little warning; it's 2:00am for me now so there's a chance something stupid has skipped past me and into the program - although it played fine for me.

So anyway, howz the netplay side of it going?

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