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^^^ considering that revan was a powerful jedi, then sith lord and then jedi again who won a whole war by himself essentially by defeating another powerful sith lord and an incredibly gifted tactition i think he knew what he was doing, but seeing his arm get chopped off would be pretty cool, too bad it would mean he'd be limited to a single saber until he got his standard robo arm

i'd like to see curved lightsabers, and i'd like to see them be more than a new model, i'd like them to sit differently in the hand, i'd like the animations to be different for them, like if the character is just weilding one, he shouldn't hold it the same way he holds one regular saber, it should be one handed. i'd like to see them as a seperate saber class, so there'd be single, short, double and curved and for them to have their own properties, like they would need to be harder to master, but give you more benefits when you do. and all the fighting styles really do need to have their own animations this time. i was excited when i saw that there would be new forms to learn in k2 but when i saw that they all looked exactly the same i was pretty bummed. i'd also like you to hold the saber differently depending on which form you use, like when you are in your fighting stance but not moving yet (i'd really love to see you hold the saber the way revan does in that one cutscene where bastilla is about to arrest him but then right before the lightsaber battle begins malak stabs him in the back)

and i'm sorry, but i LOVE wookiees, they are by far my favorite star wars aliens, and i really like the way that the kotor series represents the wookiees by making them scouts. the common misconception about the wookiee is that they are just big dumb muscle, when in really they are quite a sophisicated intellegent people, making them a scout instead of just your regular old soldier was a pretty good move, because while hanharr and zalbaar were incredible powerful melee fighters just from their attributes alone (another benefit of being a wookiee) they could also be really great ranged fighters in a pinch (especially with the new feats that are scout only in tsl) chewie was always one of my favorite characters and to me was one of the staples of the star wars movies, i was pretty bummed when wookiees got left out of epI and epII (just think of how much better it would have been to have a wookiee instead of jar jar) and then their scene in III was pretty short (there was a really great scene that got cut where yoda was going to pretend to be a crazy hermit to distract a clone troop on a walker while chewie came up from behind and knocked out the clone and steal the walker kinda like he does in epVI) so i really hope they continue the with the wookiees.

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