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Ok how about this: at a moment in the game you encounter a Trandoshan and Wookie fighting, and can decide who to help. Help the Wookie: light side points and he joins your party, help the Trandoshan: mega dark side points, a nice Wookie pelt hanging in your ship and he joins your party as an expert melee fighter with a 20 defence bonus (with no armour)!

If you actually do go to face the true Sith, it would great if they had huge urban cities. Sort of like Taris but full of Sith and different architecture!

Oh and yeah, it would be nice to have your character's arm chopped off. You could either continue and only have a single lightsaber, or go off on a sidequest to find a bio-mechanic!

Originally Posted by Commas
like if the character is just weilding one, he shouldn't hold it the same way he holds one regular saber, it should be one handed.
This is how I'd design the lightsaber system:

1. Short - limited to one handed use only, speed bonus/power penalty.
2. Single - two handed use, average all round/No penalties.
3. Dual Short - massive speed bonus/average power/defence penalty.
4. Double bladed - massive power bonus/minute speed bonus/large defence penalty.

^^What'd you guys think about that system? It would add a whole new element to lightsaber design, and you could gather the required parts to decrease the penalties.
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