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After watching the official trailer a couple of times :
- Darth Maul is seen on a tatooine ground map, outside. So it could be like Mos Espa.
- We see a lot of the Jedi Temple, not just the archives. It would be stupid of them to create all this and not include it.
- We see Hoth for a very brief moment; nothing can tell us wheter it's new or not.

My opinion on maps :
- No Hoth = bad. I just can't believe they would skip the most iconic ground battle of the SW movies.
- I do hope the new Geonosis is better than the original.
- A space Yavin would be extremely nice; everyone wants to run the trench.
- There better be an Endor ground map.
- I think it would be kind of cheap to put Jabba's Palace unmodified. It might be good the way it is, but I think it's just lame to use an old and free map to make it look like the game has many planets and maps.

And about the few available space maps : lets not forget that modders should be able to do proper space maps with the stuff that comes with BF2. So the doors open at least a few excellent player-created space maps.

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