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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
I was thinking about stealth in KotOR lately. I really like to have to option to play differently then the majority of users who would hack through a battalion of Sith trooper. That's why we have stealth. As we all know, stealth, in its current form, is useless.

So I was thinking, what would make stealth worthwhile without being overpowered?

So this is what I propose, no numbers here should be taken seriously as they're all arbitrary.

What if, when you attacked someone, you had a chance to remain hidden? Like 50% as a default value + modifiers and such.

What if you have a chance to do an insta-kill? Somewhere around 30% as a default value and going up as your stealth skill progresses and modifiers add up.

To sum it up easily, simply give the stealth player the ability to insta-kill and remain hidden after an attack.

Perhaps it is asking a little much, but your surroundings could come into play. If you're standing in the dark shadow of a tree, your chance of remaining hidden increases.

It's only a simple suggestion, to make stealth more enjoyable.

At first, I thought you were saying that stealth as it exists now is thoroughly in it doesn't work and people see you anyway. But after reading your whole message, I understand it more. I think what you are proposing would be a great thing indeed! It would allow your character to have more Ninja-like abilities.

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