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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Stealth is by far the most hated skill in the game,
I personally think repair is the worst in the game, but that's just me.

Anyway, I agree with your idea. It'd be nice to be able to take out a few sith troopers while still remaining invisible to the rest of the world. I personally use stealth for just about everything in the game, as it comes in very handy.

One thing I would really like though is to be able to use blaster rifles while in stealth. That'd really help in mowing down the enemy's front lines without having them realize who's firing (you could sort of use it like a sniper rifle while in stealth).

Maybe even make it so when you're surrounded by enemies, you can use stealth and they can actually not see you, instead of knowing exactly where you're going when you're invisible, but that may be a little too much. After all we want them to at least stand a chance against us while we're in stealth, right?
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