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^^^repair was the most useless in K1, in TSL you need repair if you want to break things down

back to stealth, i'd like to see the options for group stealth, the main reason i never used stealth in K1 or K2 unless i had to was that i'd have to leave everyone behind and fight all the guys on my own. what would be even better than group stealth would be more micromanaging options, like you could say "Ok, atton i want you to put on stealth and sneak around these guys while T3 runs interferance, i'll stealth up as well and come from the other side (as in atton will not follow two steps behind me) then while they investigate T3 we'll get the jump on them" or something like that. i really like the idea of when you are in the shadows you'd be harder to detect. i think you should be able to throw grenades while stealthed, it wouldn't reveal you, but it would give you like a -4 for that round or something so you would be easier to spot, but you could help negate that with mind trick. see, theres another reason to fix stealth for K3, people will actually learn mind trick. finally the biggest problem with stealth is that sure, you could sneek past all the baddies, but what about all that precious XP you'd be missing out on! some how stealth has to earn you XP, but in such a way that it couldn't become an exploit by sneaking past the same cannock thirty times and then killing him for even more XP. Right now the only way to do that is to learn confuse, the next step after mind trick and let them all kill each other.

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