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Originally Posted by The_Maker
Agreed, I don't know what is sooo great about an old coot in a pit of gianormous trees...

And ChainZ, even if it IS blasphemey I still don't like Jolee :P
no "kewl points" for you or the other non-believers then ... hehehe....


As for KotOR III, I hope they at least continue on with the story, wether it be Revan or the Exile... introducing a 3rd "vital" character (that must save the Universe ) after the 2 previous games is going to take some major work to convince me of whatever the storyline is to be. I mean c'mon, what have I been doing for the last 2 games?!

I'd like a little 'closure' on the series...or at least on the matters at hand, then they can start something anew to keep the KotOR series alive

StarWars seems to run in trilogies, so I can only hope... I have to say I'm a little "iffy" on the 14 years thing, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt if they can compensate it with a great storyline

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