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Originally Posted by dale03ster
I think there should be mroe offensive force powers. It would be fun to pick weak enimes or objects up and slam them into opponents :P
YES! Please more offensive force powers especially for LIGHTSIDERS! and maybe even some buff powers for darksiders. lightsiders got stun, and stun droid for offensives, and push, but thats universal. OE could learn a thing or two from Stoffe's High Level Force Powers Mod. (i wonder if the OE guys ever download any of the mods we've made?)

i'd also like the ability to be able to continue to use the lower tiers of the force powers, espially in the push/whirlwind/wave line. who says just cause now i can push a lot of people at once means that i forgot how to only push one guy. also, when you learn, say whirlwind, force push should get stronger as well, so now you have whirlwind and a more powerful push, and then when you get wave, push gets even stronger and you get a stronger whirlwind, so you can keep using ALL the powers you learn.

and REAL AI! No more of this crap where my party member is supposed to be stationary, but then decides he has a bone to pick with the cannok half way across the freakin map, and he'll either get there or die trying because there is no ammount of mines in the world that can stop him!

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