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This isn't really a "mod request" but I will post it here as it is a "request" that I think would be INVALUABLE to modders here at Holowan.

How about a stickied thread that lists in detail "reservation OR used" item numbers???

In line with say lightsabers. USM takes up a vast majority of the number allowed sabers right so how about a thread that lists from beyond the standard sabers up to the end of the allowed number?

The idea being a new modder could log into that thread then and see Maverick87 takes up so many numbers already, RehHawke takes up some, T7Nowhere some, ChAiNz some, etc.

They could then PM a moderator or the like with a request to take up a number. Then when MORE than one takes up a number (say Mav's takes up 096 and mine does too they'd both be listed for that slot.

Just a thought, figured it would be a good idea, so thought I'd run it by others

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