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There are several things that must be included. Some have already been touched upon, but here goes:

1. Player Character Development! Just because the PC is custom-made doesn't mean that he/she can't have a personality! I'm talking voiceovers, appearence, etc. I think that the things you say and do in the game should not only affect light/dark appearence, but it should affect your demeanour as well (calm, gruff, sarcastic, etc.)
2. Dark Side Options should not be the dumb-!@#$ options. Palpatine was an in-Sidious force, not some stupid thug who just killed everything and intimidated everyone! Dark side options should reflect this.
3. Interparty development is crucial. The occasional cutscenes in TSL were nice, but I really missed the random conversations that certain NPC's in your active party had occasionally. And even those weren't enough! If there's one thing missing in the character development department, its the interparty dynamic. They should fight and argue based both on your actions and their's. Also, bigger is better, but not all party members should be important (nor do they all have to be very social). This is where KOTOR could take a page out of the Fire Emblem book.
4. Update the look/graphics! After a while of playing KOTOR, it begins to look repetative. One thing that could alleviate this in KOTOR III is if the different saber styles actually looked different (really, really different). Another thing that would be fun would be to customize the look of your saber. And the facial expressions/lip syncing/textures/ everything that pertains to the appearance of the game needs to get a makeover!
5. The combat system needs to be slightly tweaked. Lightsabers should not be all powerful; there needs to be some sort of counter to them. Also, there needs to be some stronger ranged weapons as well. Projectile weapons, more bazookas/rocket launchers, flamethrowers, grenade launchers, and bigger/badder lasers are all good candidates. Also, more classes are always better. How bout an assassin character that specializes in killing jedi? (toxic darts, anyone?).
6. Exploration! I don't like feeling cooped up in the Star Wars universe: I want to explore its confines! That means more planets, bigger maps, bigger stories, and more replayability.

All of this means that the developers are actually going to have to work!!!

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