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A couple of other things I'd like to see:

-a wider variety of NPCs to join you, and not being able to get all to join in one play through. Much like Baldurs Gate where you had many more NPCs available than you could bring in your party. I liked how TSL expanded on it by making DS/LS dependent party members (Hanharr and Mira) and gender dependent party members (Disciple and Handmaiden), but I'd like to take it a step further where there are like 20 total NPCs, but you can only get 10 and it depends on your alignments, gender, ect. who you end up with.

-the ability to lose party members if they lose too much influence with you and they disagree with what you do (not right away, but say if you keep losing influence eventually they just leave), and in some cases they turn on you.
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