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((OOS: JM, I don't have a problem with the idea of your post... but it violates alot of SW canon... Jedi don't seem to be able to communicate more than emotions via the Force. And that's a REALLY REALLY detailed message :x))

Asgardried Cargo Hold

Guy: So do you actually know where they are?

K'Warra: No. But it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.


Asgardried Lounge

Chere: Our quarters? Well, that sounds kind of creepy... so no, strange man, I would not like to go see "our quarters" with you.


Shadow Base

Aren: I don't think you understand. Of course we knew about your kidnapping. That was before I had any kind of story about you except what your capturers told us. You must understand we operate in a universe without any just law and order in effect. There's no government overseeing the multiverse! We have to be a law unto ourselves. If you are magic thieves, then we were correct to support the retrieval of what is essentially stolen goods. We aren't guilty of any intentional wrongdoing.

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