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Asgardried Lounge

*Viddall gave a short laugh and pointed behind chere to weapon emplacements that the ship lowered again*

Viddall: Those my dear are just a few of the inner defenses of this ship. If we meant you harm there is little you could do to prevent it. Isn't that right?

Asgardried: Yup, no place to run on hide in me. Except for that room up the corridor next to the bridge. I can't see there.

Viddall: That is enough.

Asgardried: You sure? Can't I have some fun?

Viddall: No, I don't want to scare them just to make a point.

Asgardried: Ok...

*The weapon emplacements rise*

Viddall: Marin will be occupied with training for a very long time now, and I doubt when she is finished she will have enough energy to show you around, besides she doesn't assign quarters I do.

*Gerd walks into the lounge waving at Viddall and heads into the kitchen. And comes out with a piece of Fruit*

Gerd: What are you up to Viddall?

Viddall: Trying to show these to their rooms so they can go to sleep if they want to.

Gerd: Oh.

Viddall: Gerd meet Chere, and Coddy. Chere, Cody this is Gerd.

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