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What you'd like in KOTOR 3

regardless of what we all would like to see in KOTOR 3, for better or worse we will be suprised and disappointed, hell, i thought i would be playing revan in the second game, disappointed sure, but the story behind the exile character was fantastic. here was a character that followed revan to fight the Mandalorians, became so traumatized for what he did in the final battle, the he cut himself off from the force, from my understanding of this only the most skilled jedi masters could even attempt it, and then you might need more than one. now, for the story and game dynamics of KOTOR 3, this is what i think might happen, so take it for what it is worth
1-exile flies off to search for revan, now maybe prior to KOTOR 2, revan encounters exile and through unknown discussions sends him back to the republic, to warn them of the sith, kreia encounters exile and attempts to use him/her for her own needs, sith attacks the ebon hawk on the return, that is where KOTOR 3 begins. and you can make conjecture that exile was severely injured in the attack, and lost some of his memory.
2-after encountering revan, and perhaps rescuing him(and i like Vatter's idea of an injury to revan, arm, hand) that exile makes the ultimate sacrifice and dies to save revan, in some way attones for what he did in the war, thus, seeing that revan will save the galaxy. this could mean that revan will have an attempt to attone for what he/she did in the war, which you haven't done yet, and you play a severely weakened revan at the beginning.
3-the true sith, what can any of us say, the basic sith warrior could be as strong as a dark jedi or even a sith master
4-if you do indeed play revan, would like to see the character use both light/dark powers like kyle katarn did in the jedi knight series
5-more interactions with npc's tie up loose ends and such, expand on the romances of revan & bastilla/carth, exile & handmaiden/visas/disciple
(doomed romance?)
6-hmm, going back to previous point, what if npc's from KOTOR 2 sense the death of exile and sense that revan is alive, join forces with npc's from KOTOR
and launch a rescue operation, or even a premptive strike against the sith, so many possibilities for the third game, for all of our ideas and conjectures about the story and game physics, etc, bioware, obsidian, or whoever could make a game that none of us could have even thought of

and revan's homeworld was Deralia
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