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I don't want Connery to be in it. I also don't want any of the same women in it. There was a confirmation Kate Capshaw would be in it. If any of the women were to return, it should most definately be Marion. I could go either way with Sallah. I love the character, but I could do without him if it makes the movie different. Definately could do without Shorty. Also I want to see Marcus's infamous museum and some sorta reference/ tribute to the guy.

These sound like pretty big demands, but the reason I feel this way is I fear if all this stuff from the other movies appear, the movie won't feel as original as the other three are. ToD was great, despite what many feel. It was so different from the original and I feel in a good way. LC is so well loved not just for Connery, but it was a return to the classic Indy we saw in RotLA. Christian artifact, Nazis, deserts, him being a professor at the college, Sallah, Marcus etc.

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