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what you'd like in KOTOR 3

in replying to my previous post had time to think of it, the basic info you gave bastilla in your conversation with her was most likely true, except for what class of character you chose at the beginning (soldier, scout, etc), we all know who the character was before the endar spire. his home planet, and that fact that his mother died could have been memories that he forgot or wanted to forget, an obstacle to his path as the sith lord. had an interesting email from someone once about this same subject, the council basically turned back the clock, to a point in his life (or her life) as a jedi knight prior to being turned? to the dark side and his quest for the star forge. when revan and malak went off with a third of the fleet to chase down the mandalorians, they met with kreia (conjecture on my part), she may have started them down the path, but what, or who turned them to the dark side, and from the dialogue choices in KOTOR 2, i got the sense that revan saw his "eventual" conquest of the republic as the first step in a defence of the galaxy from the return of the true sith. and his departure from the republic shortly after the victory, may have been his way of delaying the inevitable, giving the republic the chance to mount some type of defence that he/she did not give them info on (defence from what). when carth talked with the exile and said revan left to fight something he did during the war, could revan have made some type of deal, given some vital information to the sith. personally i hope that the character you play for the majority of the game is revan, the personality, the morality of the character for me was not fully explored, he/she only knew late in KOTOR 1 what they once were, the exile attoned for what they did (my guess), revan..., revan might feel that they may never be able to attone for what h/she did, and by taking on the challenge alone, may do just that. someone even asked me, could revan be dead, not likely, if he was, the bond between you and bastilla could have manifested itself in the final dialogue with carth, if revan was dead, bastilla may have made some mention of it, the fact that she could not go on not knowing why suggested that, revan is alive, that last bit was certainly way off topic.
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