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Originally Posted by Aiden Star
I had a dream a few nights ago that I was playing KOTOR mind created such a mouth watering game it was unbelievable!

This was the story line......

1. You are a force sensitive who trains as a Jedi
2. You meet another Jedi and fall in love.....
3. Your loved one is taken by a Sith Lord......
4. Character struggles with loss of the person they love. This can lead to the dark side......
5. Now the main story line wasnt to find the one you love. However it was to find and destory the Sith..........however with constant lure to dark side
6. Whatever path you take.....there is a MAJOR FINAL BATTLE. This is on the lines of Star Wars movies and KOTOR1........In the final battle you fight and kill off what you think is the Sith Lord who has captured the one you love. However only to find out there is a REAL sith lord waiting for you.......


The Sith Lord manages to cut off both of your are on your knees as the Sith Lord comes over to be-head you.......your light saber is a few metres away....however you are helpless without arms......or are you?

Sounds a little bit like a K1 on roids <_<

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